S T R A N G E D I M E N S I O N S by Moonsatellite

It’s Sunday, funday folks. Brunch is over, wipe the crumbs off your face and plop some headphones over that fat head of yours. (Apologies to the often underrepresented skinny head peeps). MM’s Flavor of the Week comes from this cat MoonsatelliteCulture King, spacey hip-hop generator— who recently released Strange Dimensions EP, an orbital sampling adventure. A lot of people use ‘spacey’, ‘out-of-this-world-‘, ‘alien’, to describe music now-a-days, mostly due to creative shortcomings. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything else to say otherwise. So, instead, I’ll do no-no #2 and compare his style to MF DOOM: cartoonish sampling, horny (not like you think gutter-heads), gritty and slow burning. 

Need more than a taste? Download his EP Strange Dimensions here.

Bored? Check out his blog and personal rumblings as well. 

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