Culture King – For The Love 2012 [J Dilla Tribute]

Moonsatellite, Culture King founder and producer, compiles a beat tape to give thanks to one of the most influential producers of our time. He says this: Culture King proudly presents For The Love 2012, A Tribute ToThe Works Of J Dilla. The release features producers and MC’sreworking source material that was used by J Dilla throughouthis discography, offered in tribute to the infinite and indeliblemark his music has left on the … Continue reading Culture King – For The Love 2012 [J Dilla Tribute]

S T R A N G E D I M E N S I O N S by Moonsatellite It’s Sunday, funday folks. Brunch is over, wipe the crumbs off your face and plop some headphones over that fat head of yours. (Apologies to the often underrepresented skinny head peeps). MM’s Flavor of the Week comes from this cat Moonsatellite—Culture King, spacey hip-hop generator— who … Continue reading