The Spinners – “Ain’t No Price on Happiness”


Romancing a lady used to be a whole lot easier. You’d just sit on that floral couch your mom said, “matched the wallpaper, it’s all the rage.” Then straighten out those bell bottoms and say, “Hey baby, let me throw on a record.” Next second you’re bumpin’ uglies. No stupid romancing, like, “here’s a beer,” and “no I didn’t put anything in there.” “I swear!” Jeez, can no one just be nice anymore? “Ain’t No Price on Happiness” is sex-your-girl-up until the needle hops off the record smooth. Sampled by MF Doom on “Go With the Flow” it’s a tight throwback, hell, throw a 70s themed party (ladies love that shit.) Turn it on see which one of your friends have an awkward make out session with ‘headgear girl.’ Boom, you’ve got material to make fun of them for a lifetime. All thanks to The Spinners

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