Beat Culture // Marinate Mix

Beat Culture / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: Sunik Kim Artwork: Jeff Rochester You know how I know Beat Culture, a.k.a. Sunik Kim, is awesome? The second song in this mix is MF DOOM’s “Hoe Cakes.” Solid. Next song: Star Slinger’s “Dutchie Courage” Yeah, this is awesome. Today, Marinate Media is proud to host his Marinate Mix, which, carries a MM lifetime guarantee, “Will induce dancing or…nothing…just trust … Continue reading Beat Culture // Marinate Mix

The Spinners – “Ain’t No Price on Happiness”

            Romancing a lady used to be a whole lot easier. You’d just sit on that floral couch your mom said, “matched the wallpaper, it’s all the rage.” Then straighten out those bell bottoms and say, “Hey baby, let me throw on a record.” Next second you’re bumpin’ uglies. No stupid romancing, like, “here’s a beer,” and “no I didn’t … Continue reading The Spinners – “Ain’t No Price on Happiness”

Keith Mansfield – KMP 1190 Vivid Underscores

Attention! Crate diggers, DJs, beat heads, Hip Hop junkies, MF DOOM fans, Vivid Underscores is for you. Keith Mansfield, jazz artist with a funky core makes sampling easy. He’s best known for “Morning Broadway”, which you’ll recognize if you’ve listened to Danger Doom’s “Space Ho’s”. Sample this album below or download by clicking on the album cover. Prepare to be up all night slicing and … Continue reading Keith Mansfield – KMP 1190 Vivid Underscores

Dylan Ross x Doom – “Same Page”

Dylan Ross, 19 year-old Cleveland emcee, doesn’t seem to take himself seriously, which, is a good thing. “Dropping cluster bombs of knowledge on your ass” he starts. On a MF Doom track he fashions together a fake television broadcast, bees and selling drugs (but not selling drugs). He sings, “I’m feeling so alive, I’m feeling so enraged. I’ll feel even more alive when we’re on the … Continue reading Dylan Ross x Doom – “Same Page”