Ontologic – Why the f&*% we need to put out an album [EP]


Ontologic, short for ontological, means “philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, or reality” [via].  And, it’s truly a fitting name for this hip-hop duo who dedicate bars of poetics about hip-hop culture, its diversion from story-telling, gritty picturesque narratives to shallow sing-song rap songs. The duo, Unseen and Haiku, hail from Cincinnati, Ohio. Unseen…well, just Google ’Unseen rapper’. These tracks are from the early-mid ‘00s, so they’ve been in a state of ‘being’ for a while now. But, I don’t think they’ve ever gotten the attention they deserve. So, I give you Ontologic’s Why the fuck we need to put out an album album.

Artwork: Patti Miller

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