Slo-motion matador – HeyHeyHey [EP]


I’m a big-time music junkie and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with some amazing folks (Ta-ku, Sweater Beats, Stacy, The Blank). With Marinate I’ve written about some extraordinarily talented musicians. Well, On June 3rd I released my debut EP HeyHeyHey though Bad Panda Records and it’s dedicated to all the people who’ve helped make Marinate Media a go-to outlet for slept-on, phenomenal music. It’s a dark, gritty EP that bathes in fuzz and distortion. Its aim is to fill up as much empty space as possible. There are some hip-hop influences, rock ‘n roll vibes and it’s all about letting the sounds soak (or marinate) into your eardrums. The artwork is done by the fantastic photographer Oliver Seary and text expert Erica Esham. Thank you, Bad Panda Records. Thank you, music lovers.

Love, Seth 


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