Maths Time Joy – Hideaway [EP]

maths time joy- hideaway EP
By: Rosaleen Gallagher 

NOTE: I actually wrote this post in November, but work, life and the holidays got in the way, and it was never published. But the time has come to revisit this abandoned post and really shed some light on the amazing artist I was featuring – especially since the album I had *just* found in early November is still in heavy rotation. That being said, here is my original post from last year.

I just stumbled London-based producer/singer/songwriter, Maths Time Joy’s his new EP, out in collaboration with Live For The Funk. This is their second release, and they are proud to have joined forces to complete this amazing producer’s most complete project to date. I don’t know what it is with these European 22 year olds…the past few producers I have featured or interviewed have been 22 and have been really at the top of their game. It’s refreshing to see so many young producers really standing out tirelessly amongst all the competition, churning out fresh, amazing tracks that are immaculately produced and dancefloor ready, right out of the box. Maybe this goes to show that the hungriest will really find their way to the top just due to their sheer talent and drive, and Maths Time Joy is no slacker. He has been growing like wildfire in the blog world, with a slew of tracks already out on Soundcloud, and several mixed floating around, this producer is one one to watch.

On his three track “Hideaway” EP, Maths Time Joy brings his signature sound, beautiful, soft synths, proper organic-sounding percussion, and gorgeous samples and melodies….of course, mixed up with my favorite ingredient, perfectly chopped up and echoed vocals. His style on-point and cohesive, everything in it’s exact place (almost mathematical precision…hence the name, perhaps?), and not overdone at all…each track has a wonderful simplicity, starting slow, with growing intensity as the tracks build, and then, the twist, a perfect, and un-anticipated beautiful closure.

All this with a lightly sprinkled garage sound, lovely vocals, perfect timing…nothing is lacking in this EP. I just wish there were 3 more songs.


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