TinyForest – WithoutDreams [EP]


Icouldwritelikethis. But, I’m not going to. I’ll leave that to TinyForest—a young cloud-rap producer from Cincinnati, OH who produces spaced-out sounds, but leaves the spaces out of his song titles. WithoutDreams is an 8-track foray into Stacy-esque, Lil B, powderpuff hip-hop, though with an acoustic flare. It’s nice. The winners on this one are “LuckyNumbers” (a downtempo joint w/ this expansive orchestral hit that fills up the empty space) and “MindInOrder”, a similarly slow-paced record. It’s not all great, but there’s definitely great stuff sprinkled throughout. Oh, and the dude has a huge crush on UGK—doing a cool-as-fuck remix of “Int’l Players Anthem” and sampling them for another track. Give this one a listen, like, right now.

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