Nefarious! // Marinate Mix


Nefarious! isn’t just a great producer; he’s also the head of The Soul Dojo. He’s helped put out releases from LAKIM, Abjo, Trebles and Blues and Scrabbles, among others. He’s one of the best advocates for hip-hop out there.

His Marinate Mix highlights his successes as both a producer and label manager. He says, “This mix has some of my favorite joints from various The Soul Dojo releases, music from our homies, and unreleased tracks from our artists and friends.” This is a must listen. Want some hip-hop/electronic jams to coast to? Press play.

Artwork: Paul Smith 



1. AbJo – WhisperLoudly. (Unreleased)
2. LAKIM – Too Bad (I Guess)
3. Envoy – Zooey (from Enstrumentals vol. 2 – The Soul Dojo)
4. Trebles and Blues – The Eastern Wind (bonus track from The Blue Note – The Soul Dojo)
5. Aye, Yu – These Aren’t My Pills (forthcoming – The Soul Dojo)
6. Nefarious! – Her Melody (from The Dream Theory – The Soul Dojo)
7. LAKIM – More Midnight (Unreleased)
8. Dibiase – Alright (from The Soul Spectrum Beat Tape – The Soul Dojo)
9. LAKIM – We About To Flip Shit (Unreleased)
10. Trebles and Blues – Experiment B (The 5 AM Journey)
11. Aye, Yu – After Pill Chill (forthcoming – The Soul Dojo)
12. AbJo – Procession (Unreleased)
13. Nefarious! – Tellus (Unreleased)
14. Envoy – The Real (from Enstrumentals vol. 2 – The Soul Dojo)
15. Jansport J – Thank You (For Love)

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