Phil Gerus – Marinate Mix [MM Exclusive]

Phil Gerus / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Artist: Phil Gerus

Artwork: Patti Miller

Phil Gerus is a producer/DJ from Moscow, Russia and he’s got some serious skills. Earlier this year he released an EP, Milk & Honey with label FUSE Lab that sweats ’80s nostalgia. He’s one of the funkiest cats out there right now. His Marinate Mix has some Luther Vandross, Cool Notes and a couple tracks “Vieux Caree” and “Don’t Kiss Me While I’m Swimming” from his personal catalog. This is 30 minutes of pure joy. Leisure Suits. Gold Medallions. Joy. Point is, this mix is a class in funky disco rhythms and boogie nights joints that’ll have you getting down like your local roller skate rink is still in business. Do yourself a favor and download this mix (and his fresh EP).

1. Cool Notes – My Love Is Hot

2. Lilo Thomas – I’m in Love

3. Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love

4. Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

5. Plastic Bertrand – stop ou encore

6. Luxar – Eternally

7. Phil Gerus – Don’t Kiss me While I’m Swimming

8. Joni Mitchell – My Secret Place

9. Lay Bac – KASUMI (—)

10. Phil Gerus – Vieux Carre 

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