Time to dust off the Walkman. Bring out that old boombox (and a flattened cardboard box). Or, hitch a ride in your friend’s rusted out ‘84 Celica, because it’s cassette playing time. Houston, TX native REZ, just dropped this two-sided hip-hop EP entitled SUMMASUN and it’s most definitely something you’ll want to bump and possibly (if you’re this guy) robot to.

The cover of the EP even seems retrofitted. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was some still frame from a classic ’80s flick. Side A begins calmly enough with “Nudity (Sun Trip)” implementing lush pads and a groovy bassline. It’s not long before a flood of synths burst onto the scene and it becomes an ungodly awesome trip. You’re going to want to check out these REZ hits. No, seriously. Do it. Peer pressure.

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