ANOTHER BLOG, an mp3 blog established in the late ‘00s, became introspective and philosophical on August 19th, 2012 through a post titled, “Are Music Blogz Dying Dawg?” The ambitious 1800 word piece reads like a 70 year-old’s journal–a man contemplating his long journey, imparting wisdom to younglings before losing footing and going off on tangents about such-and-such until he forgets what he was trying to say. Which was to answer this question:  

“…the question we’re pondering is are music blogs dying dawg? There’s evidence that indicates the end is near for the MP3 blog. We’re doomed yo.”

So, are music blogs dying? Help, am I dying? Is this a question even worth asking? Does it even matter? Really, is talking about the slow, slow death of music blogging a pointless endeavor, because you know, every good thing comes to an end, eventually. To answer this question shouldn’t we all be in a circle holding hands, some poor sap passing a poorly rolled joint and then talking about…life…and…you…know…death…and…the afterlife.

Isn’t that what this question (“are music blogs dying?”) is trying to squeeze out of us? Some sad, pity party; where we talk about our feelings, reminisce the good ole’ days and gripe that everything has gone to shit? That’s what’s supposed to happen when you talk about death, right? Well, fuck that. I’m interested in what it all means, man, like *takes toke*, what happens when music blogs do go extinct? What it means for musicians, man, what it means for music discovery?


First: This is the part where I list all my blogging accomplishments (blogging accomplishments are equivalent to Olympic medals, fyi) and more-than-subtly convince you that I’m someone you should listen to. I do this and that. Published here and there. I started writing before I had teeth, didn’t have a hair on my head and printer paper used to have perforated edges…FLOPPY DISKS son. FLOPPY DISKS. I used to spell check on a Speak & Spell….Yay! Huzzah! I’m important and you should know that. Okay. Honest. I promise I’m not writing this to make myself feel better about myself. Hell, I already know I’m awesome. I’m not writing this as therapy to soothe the pain of working on a slowly dying medium. I’m writing to discover the answers, eventually, maybe.

Second: You don’t have to listen to a thing I say. I encourage you to change the channel. I encourage the impulse to seek endorphins somewhere else. That’s the beautiful thing about our ADD, five-second-attention-span society–if you disagree with something, if you’re bored, there will be something else you can turn to to appease your starved hippocampus. So listen or not, it’s about to get real. LISTEN TO ME DAMNIT. Music blogs are dying out in these mean streets. The information highway–these sweaty, prostitute laden, shit talking, bigoted streets–has dead links laying around everywhere and some day your favorite music blogs could be the victims. Ya’ll better recognize how real it’s about to get.     




[Seth, remember to delete this] —->

Okay, there’s no conclusion, hell I kinda got bored after a few minutes of writing this. Just waiting for the hits/visits to pour in! Just remember music blogs are dying and there’s nothing we can do about it. Feel free to express your opinions about it, but it might be a fruitless effort given MP3 blogs are doomed. Maybe if we work together…….yeah. Good luck music writers–enjoy it while you can. Twitter will ruin us all.  



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