Booddha – “Money” [Free DL]

Yesterday a compilation dropped called The Party. I figured I’d write a post fashionably late, because that’s when all the cool kids show up. Blogs Soul Electronic and Indie R&B came together and RSVP’d a list of slick producers, (i.e., Ruddyp, Andrea, Kid Smpl, etc.) to make a nice house/future/beats release. They say:

“From house and garage to R&B and ambient, “The Party & The After Party” invites listeners on an aural journey to a soulful destination. Embrace the night. Immerse yourself in “The Party & The After Party”

My favorite track has to be Booddha‘s “Money”. It’s chilled-out house music w/ staircase synths and conversational vocal samples. Dope stuff. Download this one.

“The Party & The After Party” Teaser from the soul electronic on Vimeo.

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