C.Z. – Tropics [EP]

When M|O|D member C.Z. dropped Tropics I was apparently sleeping on the keyboard completely unaware of its presence–it dropped in March. Yesterday the M|O|D crew (Trap Arnold, C.Z., Young Satan, Lil’ TExAS, and REWROTE) released their third collaborative effort effectively declaring that their heavy hitting hip-hop music isn’t just a fleeting trend, but the real-fuckin’deal. One of the standouts on the release, “Walk Up On”, comes from the Floridian C.Z. Tropics is his sketchpad. The production has running percussion, snare and hi-hat for days and 808s for your face. These are all elements that he skillfully employs on M|O|D III. Tropics is a bass album with Southern charm. You might have to DL this one.



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