R.T.S. // Marinate Mix

R.T.S. / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Artist: R.T.S.

Artwork: Jeff Rochester

Rory Tristan Salter or R.T.S. or DJ Biak, regardless of what alias he uses always pumps up the volume and inspires Peanuts style dancing. The 18 year-old UK producer brings the dance club, glow-stick, word-of-mouth rave to life on his Marinate Mix. 2012 is slated to be a big year for him. Ya’ll better be prepared for his upcoming releases with Dubporn Records and Gamma Audio (April 9th and March 26th). If you can’t afford a flight overseas this mix is the closest thing to experiencing a rave firsthand. Dim the lights, close the shades, pick your vice and get down to this.

Hit the skip for tracklist.

  1. Tycho – Phoenix Cylinder
  2. Joy O – Jels
  3. Kowton – Drunk On Sunday
  4. Scuba – Feel It
  5. SCB – FutureUnknown
  6. Tanka – Boogie With Me [DUB]
  7. Boddika – You Tell Me
  8. Ooko – Understand [DUB]
  9. Mosca – Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Remix)
  10. R.T.S. – This Is It [DUB]
  11. Compa – W.U.T.A. [DUB]
  12. Girl Unit – IRL (Bok Bok Remix)
  13. Mosca – Square One VIP
  14. R.T.S. – Papillion [Forthcoming]
  15. Joy O – Wade In

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