Koen – Outputs Vol. 3 [Album]

Soulelction‘s roster puts out dope beats. Period. On March 27th Koen will drop Outputs Vol. 3 which is all funk, all bass smash, all vocal flips, all the time. How awesome is it? “993” has the most badass Dubee vocal flip ever. Yes, someone other than Dubee knows who Dubee is! Success! The California rapper gets a cameo at the end of Koen’s dancing synths, driving percussion, belting (in his gruff screaming delivery,) “never sport a fade known to let the perm bang / coming through sidin’ with those Chevy’s on thangs.” BUT, it builds, loops, bangs and eventually a robotic monster accompanies Sugawolf and pants are shat. Be on the lookout for this release, support the artist—but, be warned, your pants are not safe.

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