M▲GGZ™ – Day Dream [Mix]

Maggz has a ‘z’ in his name because he’s edgy—an extra ‘g’ to avoid confusing his producing ability with tabloid magazines or bullet slang. He’s his own trademark. And, Day Dream is its own sound unlike anything he’s done before. The Columbus, Ohio producer earlier this year released a soulful, boom bop beat tape properly titled Soundscapes: Winter Selections because it’s cold. Its icy 808s bang and chilly synths shiver. It’s dope. This mix is more ambient, has more reversed elements, regressing sounds and its percussion moves more cautiously. Ya’ll have to check this 13 minute mix out, because it’s awesome. 

“Daydream, I fell asleep beneath the flowers”: http://jmaggz.bandcamp.com/

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