Bonobo – Black Sands Remixed [Free DL]

Ding dong! Who’s there? Bonobo. Bonobo who? Bonobo a la his 2010 release Black Sands, that’s who. There’ve been many different Bonobos. His debut Animal Magic was a raw, mostly uneventful, trip-hop exposé of sorts exploring the genre.

However, by Dial ‘M’ For Monkey he’d perfected the downtempo, vaguely Nujabes, electronic art form. Black Sands was “ehhh”, sometimes “oooh”, mostly, “ehhh.” So, I was thinking these remixes or “minimix” of songs were going to blow, like, cover one nostril, snot rocket blow. I was wrong. The 20 minute mix features reworks by Machinedrum and Lapalux. Check. It’s infectious. Wait. It’s actually pretty dope. This is the Bonobo I’ve fallen in love with, but reconfigured through different lenses. This is Bonobo, but not. It’s great. Download this mix right away.

BONOBO : Black Sands Remixed ‘Minimixed’

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