Dr. Buddha – Step Out! [Beat Tape]

“Dr. Buddha, you’ve written me a prescription for sixteen hip-hop beats, you sure that’s right,” a scrawny man asks Dr. Buddha. “Sure is,” he says. “What about my headache?” the pale man asks. “With my Step Out! plan, you’ll forget all about the pain,” Buddha responds. He signs Julian Maldari as sloppy as he could on the receipt. The man looks at the dosage, then up at Buddha, then nods and he was away and out the door. “The head nodding,” the doctor shouts, “it’s just a side effect, don’t wor—” It was only his nurse. She looked at him (couldn’t believe how a fat man could be a doctor), says, “Your next appointment is waiting for you.” “Send them in,” he says, “I think they’ll like this new treatment I’ve prepared for them.” He unpacks a pair of headphones, warms the chair’s sterile pads, rubbing them and plays music until the room is sweating. 

Your prescription: http://drbuddha.bandcamp.com/

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