R.T.S. – “Orion”


Orion by R.T.S.

My, my…can you say chill as a refrigerator in the Arctic? Then, think: ’90s club music spiced together with retracting swells, pitched vocals and post-jazz, futuristic techniques. That’s a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo to say, “Ya’ll need to check this R.T.S. joint out!” R.T.S. stands in for the artist’s name (Rory Tristian Salter), but could also possess a double meaning. Maybe a nod to Real-time Strategy games, the track’s clicks, claps and shakes seem to be manipulated moves ahead—beating your eardrums to the punch. Oh…and this kid is 17 years old. Right? 17 f-cking years old. Props young one, props.

Download: Boya – “9” (R.T.S. Remix)

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