Monster Rally – Crystal Ball LP

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about hip-hop. Too much. I’ve got homework piled up. Seriously, I’ve got to read about Christopher Columbus and how much of a dick he actually was. None of that “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” bullshit. I have an interview class. That’s right, a course that teaches the proper etiquette of how to interview people. So, when I started to fire up Monster Rally‘s Crystal Ball I was elated to finally get a break from it all. The seventeen track LP is a testament that hard work pays off. Ted Feighan, Cleveland native, is sampling, playing guitar and twerking the shit out of these songs. He creates an atmosphere that’s light, fun, sand between the toes fresh. It’s hip-hop, stylistically lo-fi, and Beach Boy madness. Really takes the mind off of nonverbal postures that elicit dominant interviewing techniques and puts me on the beach hoping to catch a sunset. 

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