Cymatiks – “Jazz Sand”

jazz sand by Cymatiks

Here we go again. Another sappy piano ballad hip-hop track that the Black Eyed Peas will make garbage. Oh wait? What? No it’s not. Where did this come from? Cymantics, according to the ever reliable Wikipedia is, “the study of visible sound and vibration.” [via] Well, I didn’t see that transition coming. Cristhian Acosta, a.k.a. Cymatiks, did the Outkast thing and slapped a ‘k’ in a perfectly good word only later to reinvent it. This song’s sneaky piano intro morphs; becoming something dense and futuristic. Good move Cymatiks, good move. Photo [via]

More music? Check this out. Oh, and apparently this kid has more alter egos than MF DOOM. Cymatiks is Mylkeyz who half-produced CL Sosa’s And Everything Turned Grey. Who knew?   


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