Jomac – Meditative: Beat Set 2

When I’m looking for beat tapes, I’m not interested in that Lex Lugar style: rising clicks and eardrum destroying bass. As fun as that is, “I’ve got a stronger weapon that never runs out of ammunition.” Those real sampled, RZA, Pete Rock, Ali Shaheed Muhammad cats who freshen up 60s soul and 70s funk until it’s breathing new life. Jomac, a DC producer, is doing just that. Straight up, second track in he’s fucking with The Stairsteps, “Danger! She’s a Stranger” a al Outkast, “Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)”. Meditative: Beat Set 2‘s quick sixteen tracks act like sixteen candles on a cake, still lit, so mumble a wish, but don’t say a word. Open your ears, press play and maybe it’ll come true. Hell come on it’s not a genie’s lamp. Still, there’s some magic in this ‘ole soul beat tape. [via]

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