Joakim – FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix


Everyone has that friend that says, “Yo, it’s even better when you’re high.” They’ll say which parts are the best like the opening to an anti-drug-PSA: “One section, it’s like, whoo-whoo and it pans from left to right, kaatooee-boom-kaatooee, then just wait for the synths to kick in, dude, it’s nuts.” Then they melt into the couch. Joakim Bouaziz, simply Joakim is a French producer who melds house, hip-hop, electronica and R&B into a 60 minute mix for The FADER. [via] It has a stay-cool vibe that mixes up Jill Scott and several others into a seamless set. Your friends are sure to one-up you in a music convo with, “Yeah, it’s great. But, have you listened to it high? Dude,” and you’ll be reminded of just how cool they are. Not. Though, they’re right, it is great and there’s something about, “even better when you’re high,” that’s oddly persuasive. 

FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: Joakim by The FADER

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