es-k – “Let It Go”, “Cermoniee”


There are few songs that inspire me to pick up a flashlight and jump in the Mystery Machine. “Let It Go” and “Cermoniee” put me in that realm. It’s just me kissin’ on Daphne and kickin’ it with the Globetrotters. The bass hits hard and there are plenty of piano stabs in-between to keep us moving. Es-k, Robert Ronci hip-hop producer, makes good work sampling passageways with dank, porous floorboards leaking soot and years-old rainwater. It’s creaking with each step and somewhere there’s a vinyl cracking. Don’t open the door with the train in it, silly. It’s the one with the boombox sticker on it, says, “Danger, spooky hip-hop awaits. Not for the faint of heart.” Photo [via].

Let it go by es-k

Cermoniee by es-k

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