Dego – “Interlude” F. Taylor McFerrin

Okay, I’ve been known to skip over interludes like girls with cold sores. Dego‘s “Interlude” initially had me a little off-put, because who doesn’t judge a book by its cover? Ever picked  up a Playboy and thought, “hmm, this will be a good read!” Sure you have. Part of 4hero, a breakbeat, house, neo-soul duo, Dego released A Wha’ Him Deh Pon? this year to show off his versatility. Have I heard the whole album yet? No. Have I ever read a single sentence of a Playboy? No. But, from the cover I have a good idea what to expect on the inside. If the album is anything like the “Interlude” the result is going to be a lot sexier than broads with cold sores. Just listen.

Dego – Interlude Feat. Taylor McFerrin by Dope&Fresh

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