NUBACK – “Heartbeat Summer”


“Heartbeat Summer” takes me back to the day I heard 311’s “Amber” for the first time. Went up to my friend and said, “Dude, DUDE, you’ve got to hear this….” He said, “Oh, bro, that’s not even, like, what 311 is even about bro. That song is a fluke.” So, I said, “Fuck it, that song is tight.” Well, so is this chillwave, piano bar, vocal bubble-bath track from NUBACK. A TOO YOUNG RECORDS, Tokyo production, it does a lot to bring the laziness of summer to wavelength format. I mean, right now I wearing sandals, a muscle-tee, popping open a Natty and I’m flagrantly using ‘bro’. Please, someone help me. I just can’t stop playing this song.  

NUBACK / Heartbeat Summer by TOO YOUNG RECORDS

For more from NUBACK peep his SoundCloud. If your computer supports Japanese characters check this out. Photo [via]

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