Wiz Khalifa at Coachella —

Wiz and thousands of chief-heavy, Taylor Gang hip-hop heads (plenty of hipsters too) start his Coachella party with a track off Cabin Fever. It’s ”Phone Numbers” then “Gang Bang” sans Big Sean, who’s soon to be touring partners for Wiz’s Rolling Papers, and it’s all brought about with a bravado, old Kid Cudi, strut-with-a-cigar-clipped presence. 

He boasts, “Well, my name’s Wiz Khalifa and I got money.” Later, he’s reaching out to his hazy collective, who’re in a fervor, baking in California’s rays. “I know the love y’all put into this sh-t. And, the time and the effort it takes to stand out here hot as f-ck.” Though, it hardly seems the heat is purely from the sun. Smoke pours from the crowd, “The Race” bellows from the speakers, really, it’s 90 degrees feeling like bacon in a skillet.

For more, add Kush & OJ for a complete, well-balanced breakfast.      

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