Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers Tracklist Announced

1. When I’m Gone
2. On My Level (feat. Too $hort)
3. Black And Yellow
4. Roll Up
5. Hopes & Dreams
6. Wake Up
7. The Race
8. Star Of The Show (feat. Chevy Woods)
9. No Sleep
10. Get Your Shit
11. Top Floor
12. Fly Solo
13. Rooftops (feat. Curren$y)
14. Cameras 

My question: What happened to the Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg rumors? Where are the “surprises” Wiz keeps referencing?

Wiz on Rolling Papers “I like to just keep it about me, you know? And, then anything you see on there it’s going to be a surprise. But, of course, Spitta going to be on there.” (wpgc.radio.com)

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