Four Mixtapes That Should be in your iTunes Library

So, you were disappointed that N.E.R.D.’s Nothing, (which ironically produced nothing memorable), wasn’t very good. Jet Age of Tommorow is Odd Future’s version of funky, geeky, live sound hip hop. LONG track list and production reminiscent of The Neptunes. 7.5/10

Okay, I’m going to be on OFWGKTA’s n-ts for a second, because the internet loves them and the hype is warranted. Cool collective, but Frank Ocean, writer for Brandy and Justin Bieber, is going to kill the R&B racket. Nostalgia/Ultra is tight. Beats are driving, warped and slightly odd, and he’s got this crooning voice that makes it even odder. LISTEN! 8.5/10

This is one of my favorite mixtapes that are laying low. Laws is signed w/ J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League/Warner Bros. Hosted by Don Cannon with production by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, 9th Wonder, & DJ Khalil – “Flashback”, “Shining”, “Hold you Down” are killer tracks. 9/10 

I’m a die-hard 9th Wonder fan. So, when I saw he’d signed this cat Thee Tom Hardy, I had to check it out. The Tom Hardy Mystery Mixtape: The Secret of Green Magic has got a track with Yelawolf, Donnis, Skyzoo and more importantly 17 track production by 9th Wonder. Hardy’s got smart lines, some swagger and raw lyricism. Plus, 9th Wonder. 8/10 

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