Eazy and Swagga — Welcome 2 Cincinnati (First Time Through) Review

Okay, I stumbled upon Welcome 2 Cincinnati, dropped on March 4th, doing a little datpiff.com browsing. I found this little tandem, Eazy and Swagga, a couple young kids putting out mixtapes at a pretty consistent rate. Did a little more research and realized this guy on the right is from DYT, 937, Dayton, Ohio. “Right Above It” feat. Yung he’s announcing this “Gem City mo——fu-ker” affiliation. “Gotta give these dudes a hometown listen,” I thought. 

Production: We’re talking about borrowed beats here. T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”, gets turned into a satire, “You have have whatever you like. Off the dollar menu tonight.” I respect the honesty. Chris Brown’s “Deuces”, which might be overdone, but come on man, any beat that 3stacks jumps on isn’t sh—. 

Eazy El Loco:

“I was born in September of 92’. I was a young prodigy. Music came natural to me. I started rhymin when i was 7 yrs old in grade skool and made it to where i am today.” (myspace.com/eazyelloco)

Too much autotune. Lots of autotune. Listen to Frank Ocean’s “Novocane”. He says:

“Every single record autotunin’, zero emotion, muted emotion, pitch corrected, computed emotion.” (Nostalgia/Ultra)

Too true. There’s some slick lyricism on “Power”, rapping over Kanye’s now iconic beat. 

As a full body of work it’s impressive considering how young these two are. On a scale of ten this mixtape is a 6.5, it’d get fourth in a bikini contest, a C+ in band class. Seriously though, give them a listen (Click album cover for DL).


Where it stacks up?

Can’t really compare it to any big releases, it’s got as much autotune as Yeezy’s 808s & Heartbreak


Maybe it’ll be a hit at the corner markets in Dayton, Cincinnati, sell those hard copies and get a bacon, egg sandwich. Send songs to blogs, make a radio edit, have the lease to the beat and maybe HOT 102.9 will listen. 

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