Mac Miller — Best Day Ever (First Time Through) Review

Mac Miller: Rostrum Records, 2011 XXL Freshman, 19 years old, debut mixtape K.I.D.S. 180,000+ downloads ( Yesterday he released Best Day Ever, which he says:

“It’s going to be crazy. It’s a brand new sound. I’m a lot more involved in the production side of things this go around.” (   

It is crazy. This isn’t your fluffy, borrowed beats, Freestyle, lets-throw-ten-songs-at-you-that-are-2-minutes-long, mixtape. It’s a 16 track, 51 minute, Just Blaze, Wiz Khalifa, ID Labs (Big Jerm) produced, verse heavy, big chorus mixtape.

When it dropped at nine last night I was admittedly three or four beers deep when it came on our surround sound. The music was literally pumping to a breaking point, I couldn’t help but get sucked into the trippy, bell dropping, warped vocals on “Best Day Ever” and I didn’t give a f&*# what he was saying. But, I was also three or four or five Natty’s deep.

I was sloshing my can in the air on “Get Up!”, Mac Miller’s party anthem. It’s one of those jumping, shouting tour songs. “Donald Trump”, Miller’s first single, fits nicely afterward and then one of the strangest songs on the mixtape, “Oy Vey” comes on. Really kind of sobered me up when it powered on, a technological video game bass with a brevity of melting robot sounds in the background.  But, listen to it LOUD and it’s an intriguing shift. 

Production is pretty tight, seriously check out,, these dudes provide seven beats and they’re all pretty interesting. “Wake Up”, “Best Day Ever” could steal Just Blaze’s thunder on “All Around the World”, but can’t complain with his keyboard stab, big drum track.

“More stuff has happened in my life since K.I.D.S. I mean, K.I.D.S was a worry free, mind free type project because I wasn’t really doing shit but making music. Best Day Ever is more like, [there are] more things to do, more things to talk about, more experiences, a different state of mind, more mature I guess.” (

Out of ten, with a couple beers in hand, it’s a 7.5 kinda mixtape, it’s that-girl-at- the-bar-that-won’t-acknowledge-you good, C+ on a math exam. Those haters might say he’s left that down to earth, straight from the burbs vibe in exchange for a more sell-able lifestyle. F—- them, come on now, he’s making $$$ now, what do you expect? Download.   


Where it stacks up?

Comparable to K.I.D.S. but, unfortunately less Nas. Could be his Kush and OJ (Wiz Khalifa). Good as Laws – 4:57, but larger audience. Boldly speaking, Tyler, the Creator’s Bastard.  


Hell if I know. But, you should definitely give it a listen even if you don’t download (click album cover for DL). XXL Freshman release worth a few minutes of your time. “Donald Trump”, “Keep Floatin’” feat. Wiz Khalifa could get some radio play.

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