ATHALIA, a vocalist from Melbourne busts out her best DOOM mask and kills it on her debut EP due out MAY 14th. THOUGHTCRIME succeeds because her sprawling, sensual vocals breathe on the back of your neck. She smokes out, “Pain gets you high / a place before time / you can feel weightless / this Guinness so tasteless,” and goosebumps pop up. The release features production from Insightful, 3LLL … Continue reading ATHALIA – THOUGHTCRIME [EP] [Free DL]

The Blank – Clouded / When You’re Alone [EP]

Saweeeet. Not too long ago I’d said, “The Blank will be one of your favorite artists in 2012.” Why? His fuzzy bass and dance floor beats are completely badass. This two track EP just accentuates my claim. It’s a punch in the face—knocking out two front teeth—whistling s’s musical experience. “Clouded” is a foggy, vinyl dusty track that he premiered on his Marinate Mix. “When … Continue reading The Blank – Clouded / When You’re Alone [EP]

Sauce – Sauce [EP]

Everyone should know that there’s no substitute for a fresh, remembered recipe, made-from-scratch sauce. That’s Italian cooking 101. Sauce, a.k.a. Quinton Nicholson, isn’t Italian, but judging by his debut EP Sauce he follows the culture’s golden rule—nothing canned; always fresh. The six (glitch, drum & bass, wonky) tracks feature oddball samples, bass for days and an indistinguishable rhythm that’ll both astonish and confuse the senses. This … Continue reading Sauce – Sauce [EP]