xxyyxx – Mystify [EP]

More xxyyxx, you’ve got to snag it. All I really need say. It’s been a crazy productive month for the 16 year-old Floridian producer. His vibin’ sophomore album was dropped in late March, he’s collaborating with peeps, recently announced a European tour with Giraffage —now it’s all about Mystify. I’d say that’s a busy couple months. But, before I continue…holy f$^& and he’s only 16!? … Continue reading xxyyxx – Mystify [EP]

xxyyxx – “Bill Gates” [Free DL]

The internet does two things well: porn and making you feel like a talent–less POS. Marcel Everett is an electronic producer out of Orlando, Florida who specializes in creating layered, on-a-boat, unstable landscapes. He’s also just 16 years-old. Recently he’s been busy releasing his sophomore album on Relief in Abstract and collaborating with Ruddyp. “Bill Gates” is a Flying Lotus type of awkward percussion, looping background, shifting foreground, escalator-rising … Continue reading xxyyxx – “Bill Gates” [Free DL]

Ruddyp & XXYYXX [EP]

Ruddyp, a.k.a. Ruddy Paniagua, pairs up well with XXYYXX who creates equally infectious glo-fi, hip, bass heavy beats. The two craft an equal amount of sounds, add the right ingredients (sliced howls, rolling snares, ) mix, shake, repeat, and the results are a cohesive, satisfying dish. This five track EP is titled Split, but it’s their teamwork on “Eclipse” which deserves all the applause. Free to … Continue reading Ruddyp & XXYYXX [EP]