Thundercat – “Fleer Ultra” [Video]

Last week The New York Times did a fantastic write-up about Brainfeeder artist, Thundercat. *applause* Point is, he’s a funk-master-supreme and this video for “Fleer Ultra” proves it. It looks and sounds like a low budget, early ’90s motorcross documentary sans a narrator saying, “These motorcycles travel over 110 MPH, speeds that…jumps…twists…turns….” But, it’s perfect. Perfect. Also, much love for an artist whose wordplay extends … Continue reading Thundercat – “Fleer Ultra” [Video]

“Hello and welcome to the Beat Culture Show, starring me, Seth Lopez your host with the most….” I know, I know, there’s been a lot of Beat Culture buzz on this site lately. But, it’s only because it’s warranted (and his music is super fresh right now). “Joining us, we have Hugo RedRose, who should really be editing movie trailers for a living, if he … Continue reading

Ostinato – “Stardust” [Marinate Media Home Video]

Ostinato – Stardust from Marinate Media on Vimeo. I like this Ostinato “Stardust” joint so much I’ve decided to make a video for it. It’s the first installment of MM’s homemade video series. Lots of Soundcloud artists have beats that’re made-for-tv. This is a showcase for those underrated cats. Music: Ostinato – “Stardust” Actor: Justin Bialecki Info/Submissions: Continue reading Ostinato – “Stardust” [Marinate Media Home Video]

Com Truise is so fucking cool. The ‘F’ bomb is necessary to emphasize how chilly, cooler than a polar bear’s toenails this cat is—icebox cool. “Brokendate” is a nod to ’80s futuristic cop movies. A genre that includes: Blade Runner, Iceman and Robocop. The video has actors hacking at computers that still use floppy disks and then, from them, spawning cars using their 100 MB hard-drives. It’s … Continue reading

Andre 3000 High School Freestyle Video

Here’s a video of Andre 3000 freestyling in 1994 (same year Southernplayalisitcadillacmuzik dropped).  He’s sitting on a foldout chair at his high school gymnasium, he’s come a long way since then. It’s cool to see a younger, cornrowed 3stacks flip it on the microphone. Really puts your high school rhymes to shame, doesn’t it? My beef: Why isn’t there more!! What about Big Boi? Continue reading Andre 3000 High School Freestyle Video