Ackryte – Shades [Beat Tape]

Minneapolis and hip-hop…The Twin Cities and the underground…Malls and Lids stores. They were meant to be together. Ackryte, hip-hop producer and possible Vikings fan, just dropped a tape titled Shades. It’s full of snare tapping, bass knocking, jazzy sampled beats. It’s hip-hop sans experimentation, just the needed elements to get your head nodding. The release is a precursor to his debut album on HW&W. At twelve tracks it’s … Continue reading Ackryte – Shades [Beat Tape]

Shades – Clear Motions [Album]

Shades is a four-piece group out of Idaho who make shoegazing, lush, regressing, expanding, space-filling music. ‘Shades’ is also a great way to describe Clear Motions. It passes through the ears, in one and out the other, like a steam engine. It sounds as if they’ve been chugging coals and spitting out belches of smoke. Their vocal howls exist in one moment and evaporate just … Continue reading Shades – Clear Motions [Album]