By: CUTTINGPRACTICE I run a blog called CUTTINGPRACTICE, and when Marinate Media asked me to contribute a list of my favorite producers to contribute to their blog, I immediately accepted.  Since I respect their content and methods of delivering information, I jumped at the opportunity.  I expanded on the original project, though, and decided to include artists who are not strictly producers.  I then broke these … Continue reading Guest Post: CUTTINGPRACTICE’s FAVORITE PRODUCERS

Feeling like a Flying Lotus kinda day. Here in Ohio it’s been 70s, sunny and chill at night. Reminds me of “Do The Astral Plane”, off of his 2010 album, Cosmogramma. Also, reminds me of running wild in windbreakers, playing Frogger with traffic, taking the train to metropolis’s splash of vendors and hustlers. For more: ________________________________________________________________________ (Source: Continue reading