Teen Daze // Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Teen Daze / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: Teen Daze Artwork: Lefse Records Teen Daze! Teen Daze! Teen Daze! Marinate was fortunate enough to snag a mix from one of our favorite mystical, through-the-rabbit-hole, luscious echo/delay artists on the scene today. BE ON THE LOOKOUT. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. NOW.   The Canuck’s debut album with Lefse Records, All Of Us, Together, will drop on May 22nd. This mix is gorgeous. I hope ya’ll … Continue reading Teen Daze // Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Shades – Clear Motions [Album]

Shades is a four-piece group out of Idaho who make shoegazing, lush, regressing, expanding, space-filling music. ‘Shades’ is also a great way to describe Clear Motions. It passes through the ears, in one and out the other, like a steam engine. It sounds as if they’ve been chugging coals and spitting out belches of smoke. Their vocal howls exist in one moment and evaporate just … Continue reading Shades – Clear Motions [Album]