Culture King – For The Love 2012 [J Dilla Tribute]

Moonsatellite, Culture King founder and producer, compiles a beat tape to give thanks to one of the most influential producers of our time. He says this: Culture King proudly presents For The Love 2012, A Tribute ToThe Works Of J Dilla. The release features producers and MC’sreworking source material that was used by J Dilla throughouthis discography, offered in tribute to the infinite and indeliblemark his music has left on the … Continue reading Culture King – For The Love 2012 [J Dilla Tribute]

StewRat – HeadLights

StewRat, producer from Springfield, Ohio, isn’t J Dilla or Flying Lotus or 9th Wonder. Though, he sure sounds like them.  And, HeadLights isn’t so much an album as it is a sample platter. In “Never Last” he takes lines from Bobby Caldwell’s “Down for the Third Time”. Then he recreates Linda Perhacs’ obscure, oddball track, “Hey, Who Really Cares?” into “Changes” a slow, sweet, guitar splash production. He’s taking a … Continue reading StewRat – HeadLights