Luminary Youth – Satorion [EP]

Luminary Youth‘s bio goes like this, “Raised by wolves but ultimately rejected.” [via] Maybe he just preferred the lone wolf role he takes on as electronic producer extraordinaire over just following what the pack is doing.  Hearing Gold earlier today (09/3/2012) was quick to point out how fantastic LY’s new track “Honey” is (because it really is fantastic), but in my opinion it’s only the tip of the iceberg … Continue reading Luminary Youth – Satorion [EP]

Je$u$ – XII APOSTLES [Beat Tape]

Je$u$, this is a good beat tape. Je$u$ is a producer out of Germany who specializes in making instrumental hip-hop jams. XII APOSTLES is 12 tracks deep, all Roman numeral titled, all jazzy, soulful samples, all fuzzy head nodders. “III” has a tight little bossa nova backdrop to accompany its clobber, jab-step percussion. It’s chill. “IV” has this Roberta Flack “Feel Like Makin’ Love” sexy downtempo … Continue reading Je$u$ – XII APOSTLES [Beat Tape]