Cincinnati // On The Rise // Mix

Cincinnati is an old pork production metropolis with German roots. Its music landscape is largely flooded by folksy rock foursomes and long-haired guitarists who employ heavy reverb. Think music for blue collars. And, that grit hasn’t changed…but the sound is evolving and it’s an exciting time for audiophiles. While Cincinnati does boast a nice hip-hop resume (at least for a city its size), it doesn’t … Continue reading Cincinnati // On The Rise // Mix

Ill Poetic — The Beautiful

Ill Poetic¬†is a Cincinnati Emcee who released this song in 2007. He’s recently, (within the past week), been a part of BET’s Ohio Cypher. In this track, “The Beautiful”, he¬†pseudo-quotes Outkast, “Twice upon a time there was man who died,” the beat waves in your skull like water stuck in your ears accompanied by a dripping piano. For more info check this much more extensive … Continue reading Ill Poetic — The Beautiful