BOATS – Beat Tape

Oakland’s Aaron Ferguson reached the century mark on his Facebook page and decided to drop this new nameless beat tape. Chaaaa-Ching, free stuff. In April, BOATS released Bleaving which was ”snapping beat variations delightfully dunked in electric kool-aid & cooled with bursts of spaced-out G-funk.” [via] This seamless 26 minute ‘Untitled’ beat tape features some grimy West Coast funk and heavy doses of 808s. It’s not … Continue reading BOATS – Beat Tape

xxyyxx – Mystify [EP]

More xxyyxx, you’ve got to snag it. All I really need say. It’s been a crazy productive month for the 16 year-old Floridian producer. His vibin’ sophomore album was dropped in late March, he’s collaborating with peeps, recently announced a European tour with Giraffage —now it’s all about Mystify. I’d say that’s a busy couple months. But, before I continue…holy f$^& and he’s only 16!? … Continue reading xxyyxx – Mystify [EP]

Booddha – Intense / Never Expected [EP]

My girlfriend complains that I only pay attention half the time I’m with her. She’ll say something like, “Seth, could you do this…,” hell, I don’t know (I really don’t pay attention half the time,) but usually I’ll miss something important. ‘Important,’ like, what movie to watch later or where we’re going to eat or some fight with so-and-so at her sorority, (gah) but it’s … Continue reading Booddha – Intense / Never Expected [EP]

Sluggart – “Bible Whale” & “Numbskull” [Free DL]

Sluggart is a Belgium based producer whose style is part bass, part electronic build-up, part “future”, part click and clomp percussionist. His landscapes are surrealist paintings: fuzzy, unfinished and weird. Honestly, his newest release Languish is perhaps a bit too odd for my taste. It’s like a joke and I’m not in on it. That said, “Bible Whale” and “Numbskull” are no joke, beautiful and dizzying works … Continue reading Sluggart – “Bible Whale” & “Numbskull” [Free DL]