Seven Davis Jr. – Lo-Fi Vintage [Album]

Earlier this month, Los Angeles producer (with coolest name in the biz,) Seven Davis Jr. released Lo-Fi Vintage a mostly experimental beat project. The album title is ironic because it’s not completely lo-fi or vintage. It dances between future funk to glitchy, awkward rhythmic beats.  Sometimes he’ll manipulate vocals to soak (wobble, down/up-pitch, flood, distort) within the track’s spastic percussion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s interesting, but it can … Continue reading Seven Davis Jr. – Lo-Fi Vintage [Album]

Tortilla Pass – The Secret Deity [EP]

Ever wondered what time travel would be like? What it might sound like? Well, I hadn’t until I heard The Secret Deity by Tortilla Pass. He’s replicated that sound of regressing through decades perfectly. “Maybe Tomorrow” has a reversed snare, several backwards floating orchestral chords and an odd space elevator music ending. I thought, “Has he tapped into some type of time warp frequency?” I continued, … Continue reading Tortilla Pass – The Secret Deity [EP]

Insightful – BeByLight [EP]

Insightful, California chai tea enthusiast, puts out a nice little beat tape for the masses. BeByLight employs jazz elements as well as woozy drum work reminiscent of early Bonobo recordings. “Plaid Shoes” sure sounds a lot like what B. Lewis has been up to lately: electronic leaning and spastic snares. Solid tape and for sure worth a listen, plus it’s free yo!  More Music, More Problems: Continue reading Insightful – BeByLight [EP]

Calling all extraterrestrials! Strangr speaks for you. “Back to Rewards” has its rivets churning, tonal whines and ready-for-lift-off wobbles. You’ll be leaving behind those delicious Reese’s Pieces (or Ree-sees pee-sees) and in its place you’ll be gaining a new altitude of hip-hop instrumentation. The Palm Springs producer channels his inner SETI to bring you a track that still believes Pluto is a planet. [Photo] More? Yes: (Download Sound … Continue reading

Jermski – “Lego Brontosaurus”

I can’t stress enough how much I love this track. Or, how much you’ll love it. First, the name: “Lego Brontosaurus”, brings back hella memories of my childhood Lego fascination. Second, the track is fucking amazing. It’s built piece by piece with trickling bells and completed with drums that BANG. Jermski released this gem in 2010 on his EP Preface, which, you can snag for free … Continue reading Jermski – “Lego Brontosaurus”