Keith Mansfield – KMP 1190 Vivid Underscores

Attention! Crate diggers, DJs, beat heads, Hip Hop junkies, MF DOOM fans, Vivid Underscores is for you. Keith Mansfield, jazz artist with a funky core makes sampling easy. He’s best known for “Morning Broadway”, which you’ll recognize if you’ve listened to Danger Doom’s “Space Ho’s”. Sample this album below or download by clicking on the album cover. Prepare to be up all night slicing and … Continue reading Keith Mansfield – KMP 1190 Vivid Underscores

Animal Crackers — National Geoplastic

Been doing a little research for a larger project, but I’ve got to stop and mention these Queen City cats. Animal Crackers, a DJ collective that started in 1995, were Scribble Jam (now defunct festival) heroes, and scratch wizards. This music is straight from the holy four facets of Hip Hop, turntables and crates of records sound. This album, National Geoplastic, dropped in ‘04. My favorite … Continue reading Animal Crackers — National Geoplastic

Mick Stillz — Neighborhood Nerd II

Hosted by DJ Ill Will (Seems like he’d host a bag of chips nowadays), Southern Cali rapper, Mick Stillz, 21 years old who has obvious West Coast influences put out his follow-up mixtape this week. The bass is always banging in triplets, darting horns, bell drops and the typical snare runs. On “Ogres” he’s talking about his “girl” that’s “got a girl that’s her b-tch” and … Continue reading Mick Stillz — Neighborhood Nerd II