The Dope List:

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. (top left)ChromadaData – King 18-year-old Floridian producer, Ian Jones, makes some funky hip-hop electronic jams. 2. (top right) Schadillac – Isles Spurs fan, boom-bap creator and Houston, TX native loops up some funk/soul to create nine hip-hop joints. 3. (bottom left) Stanley Bloom & Mike Ro Wave – Pacific Shore Pacific Shore, an audiovisual journey inspired by a road trip under the sun … Continue reading The Dope List:

ChromadaData – Arival [EP]

Feeling funky? Need some sole-stomping-soul-musik? Look no further than Ian Jones’s alter ego ChromadaData. The Floridian producer dials up some funk-flavored outerspace music with his ill spelled EP, Arival. The scrawny 18-year-old makes hip-hop beats like a morphed James Pants / StewRat. Oh, and he spits a pretty mean 16 bars as well. Put on your aluminum foil hats. After listening not only will you believe that … Continue reading ChromadaData – Arival [EP]