Charles Murdoch – “Chips” & “Chains” [Free DL]

Australian producer Charles Murdoch continues to make these phenomenal downtempo jams and give them away for free. If he was a car salesman his name would be ‘Crazy Charlie’ for his unbelievably generous spirit. “…Practically giving these away for FREE. That’s right, for free….” He’s not offering up lemons either (like some seedy salesman might), but chilled out house/hip-hop blends that could easily be packaged and sold. If you’re … Continue reading Charles Murdoch – “Chips” & “Chains” [Free DL]

Charles Murdoch – “Only ke” [Free DL]

Charles Murdoch, Brisbane based producer, drops some kick-back-and-relax, downtempo bass music on the regular. Press play and “Only ke” opens up by thumping like a heartbeat. Only that’s no human heart. It’s an electo-bodied AI, I, Robot heart—gadgets fire up, subtle elements click and control panels slink on. You’ll want to download this track. Continue reading Charles Murdoch – “Only ke” [Free DL]