J Biscuits – Percs & Curses [EP]

Prepare to be cursed. Cursed to listen to one EP, all day, nonstop. Why? Because. (“Lamest curse ever,” says Sekhemkhet.) Percs & Curses is a sunny day, checkered-blanket picnic lifted away by ants. It’s some sort of bizarro, breezy, 75-degree music burrito—a collage of Eastern influences, bossa nova guitar licks and hip-hop, hipity-hop, boom bap jawns. (Enough qualifiers already!) The five-track EP is also home to some … Continue reading J Biscuits – Percs & Curses [EP]

Alphabets Heaven – Boosh [Album]

I’m a big comic fan, but I prefer real life superheroes over those who shoot spiderwebs, fly faster than bullets, etc. Why? I guess I think it’s cooler to see Michael Jordan soaring over his peers, hear war stories and general everyday badassery than reading about caped crusaders kicking peoples’ asses. (Is there a point to all this?) Yeah! Alphabets Heaven isn’t a hero, but … Continue reading Alphabets Heaven – Boosh [Album]

Alphabets Heaven – Rosewater [Cassette]

Alphabets Heaven—Brighton, UK producer—doesn’t care you don’t give a fuck about cassettes. Anymore their innards are used to constrict your enemies or to construct pictures of Jimi Hendricks. However, Rosewater is for music, all retro funk, all beats & it’s going to melt in your car on a hot day. FYI: This three track release will be melting your ear drums with all its glitch-hop glory. I’m talking about an … Continue reading Alphabets Heaven – Rosewater [Cassette]