ABADABAD – “All The Bros Say”

So, I’ve basically been listening to this song nonstop for the past week. I’ve just now taken a break from listening to it, (literally had to forcefully peel the headphones off) to write a post about it. The song already has 15,000+ plays on Soundcloud and it’s safe to say I account for most of them. ABADABAD, Boston “relic” rockers, come through on “All The … Continue reading ABADABAD – “All The Bros Say”

Tiger Speak – Tiger Speak [Album]

Hip-hop production has undergone a transformation into a more electronic beats, electronic-click-drum-pad medium. Though, some like BADBADNOTGOOD have decided to go the other way with their hip-hop—regressing to the music’s jazzy roots. Tiger Speak on their self-titled debut have decided to do the same. Tiger Speak combines the jazz sensibilities of a coffee shop act and the lyricism of some forgotten Stones Throw artist. MC Ryan Easter intertwines … Continue reading Tiger Speak – Tiger Speak [Album]