StewRat – Comfort [Album]

“Love, Live, Life, Proceed, Progress,” describes StewRat‘s Comfort as perfectly as possible. It’s also the first sample on “LLLPP” and the thematic arc for the project. The album’s fifteen tracks are minimalistically titled beats, (i.e., “Cash”, “Honey”, “News”,) that are reminiscent of some found shopping list. Boom bap lovers and hip-hop heads will enjoy this release. Continue reading StewRat – Comfort [Album]

RIM4R – Closer [Album]

So, is RIMAR pronounced Re-Mar or Rim-Are? I’d like to think it’s Re-Mar because his sounds are extremely replayable. Closer‘s six (seven if you include the 24 second intro) tracks deserve a second, third, fourth listen to fully grasp what’s going on with all the layers he’s producing. On one level it’s a bed of clouds. Another floor up it’s angels playing harp, tinkering, plucking and … Continue reading RIM4R – Closer [Album]

LAKIM – E L E V A T E [Album]

el · e · vate –  1. To move to a higher place or position from a lower one. 2. To increase the amplitude, intensity, or volume of. 3. To promote to a higher rank. 4. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level. 5. To lift the spirits of.  The sound expands. Souls uplift. Head nods commence. [via]  LA-LA-LA-LA-LAKIM meditates and crafts a few instrumentals for … Continue reading LAKIM – E L E V A T E [Album]

Shades – Clear Motions [Album]

Shades is a four-piece group out of Idaho who make shoegazing, lush, regressing, expanding, space-filling music. ‘Shades’ is also a great way to describe Clear Motions. It passes through the ears, in one and out the other, like a steam engine. It sounds as if they’ve been chugging coals and spitting out belches of smoke. Their vocal howls exist in one moment and evaporate just … Continue reading Shades – Clear Motions [Album]