Slo-motion matador – HeyHeyHey [EP]

I’m a big-time music junkie and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with some amazing folks (Ta-ku, Sweater Beats, Stacy, The Blank). With Marinate I’ve written about some extraordinarily talented musicians. Well, On June 3rd I released my debut EP HeyHeyHey though Bad Panda Records and it’s dedicated to all the people who’ve helped make Marinate Media a go-to outlet for slept-on, phenomenal music. It’s … Continue reading Slo-motion matador – HeyHeyHey [EP]

Paddy Fred – “Laminate” Feat. LP

Paddy Fred is a producer who makes some beautiful soulful electronic music. And, he’s a cool guy. He’s from New Zealand, a country known for its gorgeous landscapes…sprawling mountain areas, low hanging clouds and lush vegetation. “Laminate”, a single from his latest EP Laminate, sounds like he’s preserving/laminating that image into a 3-minute soundwave. The Kiwi producer teams up with Lisa Preston and it’s a journey to … Continue reading Paddy Fred – “Laminate” Feat. LP

Fwdslxsh – “I Wanna”

UK BASS with hip-hop influences? Yes, please. I love this track…not so keen on the pixelated artwork with terrible font, but this one is all about not judging a track by its cover art. “I Wanna” is a bass heavy hip-hop jam that evokes imagery of sexy people popping-and-locking in slo-motion. Fwdslxsh (pronounced: Forward Slash) is a young producer from Essex, based in Leicester and he’s … Continue reading Fwdslxsh – “I Wanna”


By: CUTTINGPRACTICE I run a blog called CUTTINGPRACTICE, and when Marinate Media asked me to contribute a list of my favorite producers to contribute to their blog, I immediately accepted.  Since I respect their content and methods of delivering information, I jumped at the opportunity.  I expanded on the original project, though, and decided to include artists who are not strictly producers.  I then broke these … Continue reading Guest Post: CUTTINGPRACTICE’s FAVORITE PRODUCERS

VHS Logos – Marinate Mix

VHS Logos, a Brazilian “post-internet” producer, gave us a 10 minute mini Marinate Mix and it’s wavy y’all. They’re all original tracks produced by him…pure funk. Think tracking VHS tapes and rewinding them with a pencil. Think ’90s fashion. Think neon. Okay. You’re in the right mindset to fully enjoy how awesome this video mix is. It’s curated by editing guru El Famoso Demon who … Continue reading VHS Logos – Marinate Mix

slo-motion matador – Heyheyhey

Slo-motion Matador, a twenty-something producer from the Midwest, USA, makes an ethereal production that’s steeped in fuzz and dreamy howls. “Heyheyhey” features a stumbling drum line and it’s a gorgeous two-minute journey. The track is off of his upcoming debut EP with Marinate Media. A beautifully rich chorus, a haunting and gritty backdrop…definitely give this one a spin. It’s a little bit hip-hop, a tad … Continue reading slo-motion matador – Heyheyhey

shak. – “Maybe, U” [MM Premiere]

I first encountered shak.‘s music through this fantastic remix collection of his which no longer exists online, sorry folks. He flipped Jeremih, Drake, and made it all his own—driving, downtempo, dark versions. (I’m lucky I got a DL in!) Marinate has the pleasure of premiering his newest creation. He says, “it’s different from my other work,” but that’s not a bad thing. shak. is a young … Continue reading shak. – “Maybe, U” [MM Premiere]

5 Rappers and Cliques To Keep An Eye On

There are several handfuls of rappers/cliques who’re buzzing, who’ve got really great sounds and, unfortunately a lot of them will be left out of this list. (There are totally several obvious exclusions and that’s because you probably already know those fools. I’m trying to dig a little deeper here.) These five rappers/cliques have unique qualities that are bound to push them out and into the … Continue reading 5 Rappers and Cliques To Keep An Eye On

duke hugh – #after work I buy a record and make a beat [EP]

Duke Hugh, self-proclaimed “producer and professional alcoholic,” just etched together a beautiful three-track EP entitled, #after work I buy a record and make a beat. The constantly sloshed beatsmith flips some crazy (unknown to me) dope funk record and makes guitar laced, thumping, inebriating jams. “Elevation” features a killer jazzy lick, smashing-blitzed-out-its-mind bass hits and the best part…the best damn part is this flute dancing in and … Continue reading duke hugh – #after work I buy a record and make a beat [EP]